It has been a pleasure to teach at both undergraduate and postgraduate level many ‘bright young things’ some of whom are in paediatrics and now more than a handful of former colleagues are indeed consultants. Although principally aimed at undergraduates this page contains a few useful tipsters as to how be a better paediatrician.

The article below appeared recently and reminds us of the need to constantly learn and have the correct set of attitudes to work. I think the introduction of shift working has the potential to deprofessionalise working attitudes.

Here is another article link specifically for undergraduates.

And here is another, which we can all learn from. This is verbatim and I have been given permission to show this by the family concerned. It represents the antithesis of good communication practice.

(see also my philosophy of care page.)

Answering questions about research from Paediatric trainees*

Here are two parts of a presentation I made to BACCH trainees at their annual trainees’ day in 2020.
The first is entitled “talking with paediatric trainees about research”

Here is the second part which is a Q&A session about ‘ways to get started’ in Paediatric medical research