Two recent articles Professor Sutcliffe has written

  1. Obesity and how to lose weight.
  2. Immunisations what you need to know.

A recent interview regarding concerns about COVID.

Recent media appearances

My work has been published in the public domain as well, covering several important topics such as ovarian cancer, swaddling babies or the use of Calpol in children. You can find links to these articles below:

My interview with BACCH

You can read a transcript of the interview here.

My interview on UCL Page

Another interview with BBC Turkiye

My best ever TV interview

Obesity kills British boy, 13: 16st teen becomes UK’s youngest weight-crisis victim after dying from a blood clot ‘caused by his size’

Do fertility treatments bring higher risk of invasive breast or uterine cancer?

You can read my interview on this topic on the ABC News website:

Swaddling babies can cause hip problems

Women who undergo IVF are a third more likely to develop ovarian cancer

Excessive use of Calpol can cause asthma or kidney, liver and heart damage

Overuse of sunscreen and lack of sun can lead to increase in rickets

Regarding the recent outbreak of non a-e hepatitis